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Our expertise allows us to provide targeted services to clients who are equally passionate about the opportunities to advance the health and rights of women and girls around the world.

Monitoring Services Page

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

We work with you to capture and showcase the important outcomes of your work, while simultaneously applying insights to strengthen the work moving forward. Towards that end, we design and implement monitoring, evaluation, and learning plans using participatory techniques. Our specific strength lies in our experience engaging with complex programs that do not lend themselves to traditional evaluation approaches. Areas of evaluation experience include innovation and product development, research, advocacy, capacity building, and partnerships. 

We use practical approaches to identify what is or is not working. Our approaches are creative, rigorous, and describe impacts felt across systems. We seek to capture a broad range of outcomes that demonstrate the results of your program and the positive value for your beneficiaries. Our final reports tell a compelling story backed by data. Our recommendations provide actionable next steps for course correction and improvement.

We can (help you)

  • Develop a monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan.

  • Create or update a theory of change or another causal framework.

  • Build a tailored monitoring and evaluation system.

  • Design and implement a program evaluation. 

  • Strengthen your team’s capacity in monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

  • Inspire a culture of learning and strengthened capacity to iterate, pivot, and adjust.

  • Adapt and grow your program based on the results of evaluations, monitoring data, and changing contexts.

  • Develop a communications plan to share both positive and negative results for strengthened relationships with funders.

Expanding Services Page

Identifying and Expanding What Works

We distill evidence and experience into advocacy tools and practical guidance, so that your teams have the information and tools that they need to implement their advocacy and programs. 

We support evidence-informed policy and programs and the scale-up of successful practices. Sustainable change happens when the entire health system is taken into consideration. We also consider approaches that have proven successful in other sectors and match challenges with appropriate solutions. 

We can (help you)

  • Distill complex, technical details into clear, concise, and compelling written materials.

  • Fill knowledge gaps and compile evidence for advocacy.

  • Support the translation of evidence and data into policies and programs.

  • Create strategies and tools to support the uptake and scaling of practices within complex systems. 

  • Develop stakeholder engagement and advocacy plans.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We advise teams on strategic planning and implementation at a programmatic and/or institutional level. Because a strategy should not be something that sits on the shelf, our work also includes the day-to-day activities that go into making a strategy successful, such as communications, business development and diversification, and technical leadership. 

We help our clients by first asking questions and listening closely. We review the existing landscape and identify areas of momentum and remaining gaps; leverage solutions from across sectors; and consider past efforts and future trends. We then support our clients to make informed decisions that help them put their plans into action. The resulting strategic plans are actionable and include credible, feasible measures of success.

We can (help you)

  • Conduct landscape and policy analyses, case studies, and other descriptive research.

  • Facilitate organizational self-assessment processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • Identify effective approaches from other sectors to solve your unique challenges.

  • Liaise between communications and technical staff to develop strategic communication plans.

  • Map current and potential partners and funders and support engagement with them.

  • Develop compelling proposals to advance your goals.

Strategic Planning, Services
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